Unique Offerings Add to Customer Appeal

woodwork in custom theaterIt’s not easy to separate yourself from your competition when you work in highly competitive markets.  Plenty of AV dealers and custom integrators have beautiful showrooms that for demonstrating all the high end audio and automation equipment that they sell.  But one integrator has taken things just a bit farther.  Crowne Audio Video of Austin Texas offers a whole host of additional services for their clients, and they are reaping the rewards.

Not Just an AV Dealer

Most businesses that started out as strictly home theater or home audio shops have now moved into home automation as well.  It’s easy to understand why when you look at it from a profitability perspective.  High end audio lines typically don’t have the margin that automation products carry.  And while installing a home theater or 2 channel audio setup can be pretty quick, the trend in the industry and with homeowners is to automate everything in the home to enhance their lifestyle.

But even the automation area of the market has become saturated.  So many dealers are looking for more ways to differentiate their services.  This can take many forms.  Some dealers offer exterior lighting products, others specialize in acoustical treatments.

Crowne Audio Video decided to offer custom mill-work and metalwork.  They have an in-house team of specialists that work with both wood and metal.  So if a customer wants a specific piece for their home theater to make it more custom, they simply draw it out, get the customers approval on the design, and produce it.  This can range from marquee’s, to custom floors, to custom metalwork and fabrications.

While this does take some specialized talent and equipment, they have a team of welding specialists and welding equipment in house that allows them to accomplish anything a client wants.

Should You Offer Additional Services?

When exploring options for finding products that differentiate you from your competitors it’s important that you closely examine what sort of additional costs are involved.  It may seem easy to jump into a new area, but oftentimes they are full of just as many difficulties and pitfalls as your current business.

A big part of this is having the talent available to hit the ground running.  If you have someone on staff that is passionate about a particular craft this can be a great place to start.  Getting into deep discussions with them about how they would handle projects and what sort of costs are involved are important discussions to have.

The last thing you want to do is to introduce more difficulties into your business model.  This is a recipe for lost time and money.  But if you can find something that enhances your customer’s experience and adds to your bottom line you should explore it further.

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