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Trial For Beheading Suspect Begins in Oklahoma City

beheading case in oklahoma city

The survivor of an attempted beheading began testimony today in Oklahoma City.

“He wouldn’t stop,” Traci Johnson, 46, said of the assault at a Moore food plant on Sept. 25, 2014. “He was just going back and forth like he was cutting a piece of meat.”

She was forced to sit in the same room with the man that murdered one of her co-workers in September 25, 2014 and then attempted to kill her as well.  She was only saved when another employee of the Moore Food plant interrupted the attempted murder

In court she identified her assailant as murder defendant Alton Alexander Nolen, who had just been suspended from his job at Vaughan Foods for making racists remarks.

The day of the attack he kept nagging her.  At one point he stated that he “hates white people” and that he “beats up white people”.  Later that same day he attacked and killed her co-worker by beheading, and the later attacked her.

Nolen has been charged with murder and attempted murder in the case.  During the proceedings he sat with his head in his hands but expressed little in the way of remorse.

The trial is expected to continue for some weeks.

Nolan is known to be Muslim and his attorney’s are using this as part of his defense.  They are stating that part of his teachings have warped his mind and that he is technically insane.  You can read more about the case here.

This is one of many workplace violence crimes that have been attributed to Muslims in the U.S. in recent years.  You can also find more information on violent crimes in Oklahoma here.

The expected sentence in the case is life.


A Home Theater Installation that is a Step Above

home theater seatingWhen it comes to home theaters and home automation systems people can go pretty over the top.  From theaters that cost well over one million dollars, to smart homes that allow you to control and monitor every aspect of your residence there are no limits to what you can do with today’s technology.

All of this is well and good.  But when it comes to anything technology related, service is the key.  And for those that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on these types of systems they expect nothing but the best.

This is why selecting the right contractor to handle your installation is crucial.  It’s not just about getting the latest and greatest equipment or the biggest screen that can fit into a room.

More than anything it’s about getting exactly the right system, installed in a way that makes it both enjoyable, easy to use and reliable.

Enjoying Your Investment

Getting enjoyment from your investment is crucial to ensuring you feel you got your money’s worth.  If you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a system that has lots of bugs and issues you will very quickly begin to feel your money was not well spent.  This is obviously the worst case scenario.

A good way to avoid this situation is to seek out references from each of the potential home theater contractors from whom you are requesting bids.

Specific questions to ask would be:

Is the system easy to use?  Is the system reliable?  Does it perform all of the functions on which you were originally sold?  How are service or maintenance issues handled?  Is the company timely with service requests?

Getting good responses on all of these is crucial to understanding the philosophy of the business you are about to hire.

Easy Peasy

While it might sound completely logical that a home control system should be easy to use, oftentimes they are anything but.  We are accustomed to devices such as iPhones and iPads that have very intuitive user interfaces.

Make sure you are allowed to touch and use the same interface or controller that will be used in your home before you make your purchase.  This is key to getting everything you’ve paid for out of your system.  There’s nothing worse than having to explain to your wife why you spent thousands of dollars on a remote that doesn’t work.

Reliability Is Key

A reliable system is one that works day in and day out with very little maintenance.  But let’s not confuse little with none.

These are electronics and often times they fail.  But an installation company should have a line of products with which they are intimately familiar and that offers consistent performance.

When installed and configured properly under the right conditions these products should last for years and years.

Having the latest and greatest bleeding edge technology is often not all it’s cracked up to be.  You want something that has a proven track record that is going to operate the way you expect it to every time.

A solid installation company should help you design a great system that gives you years of enjoyment.  One such company in Florida is Innovative Sight & Sound.  They have offices in Tampa, Destin, and Charleston.

And although their Charleston office is brand new, they are already providing high end custom home theater systems in this area.


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